FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer CPR Classes?

Yes, we offer a number of different types of CPR classes for individuals or groups.  Check out our CPR Classes page for details and to sign up for a class.

How can I dispose of my old fire extinguisher?

The Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District does not accept old fire extinguishers for disposal.  They can be disposed of at the Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO).  Consult their website for times and days they are accepted.

How can I get a copy of a fire or medical report?

Fire and EMS report requests can be made by completing our online Freedom of Information Act Request Form, calling the Fire District Administrative Office during regular office hours, or by stopping by Station 1.  Please be aware that reports are not immediately available, but once it is ready for release, it can be emailed, faxed or held for pickup.

I can't afford to purchase a smoke alarm and/or I'm unable to install it. Will the Fire Department bring me an alarm and install it?

YES!  Smoke alarms save lives and we want there to be a working alarm in every home and business in the Fire Protection District.  Just fill out our online form (CLICK HERE FOR THE ONLINE FORM) and we will contact you to schedule a crew to come out.

Is there someone at the fire station that can check my car seat?

Yes, but only by appointment to ensure our technician is here for you when you come in.  Please fill out our online Car Seat Installation and Inspection Form to schedule your appointment.

My smoke alarm is sounding but I don't see or smell smoke or fire - what should I do.

If you are unsure if their is a fire, call 911 and request a fire unit to come out and check your residence.  If you are sure there is no problem, you can try taking the alarm down to clean it and change the battery.  Also, make sure the smoke alarm is not expired or over 10 years old.  If it is, replace it.

Where can I dispose of old medications, household chemicals or paint?

The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) accepts these types of wastes.  Click here to be directed to their website.

Who should I contact to report a leaking or damaged fire hydrant?

Fire hydrants are maintained by the Public Works Department in the town you live in.  During regular business hours, call them at:

Round Lake:                 (847)546-0962.

Round Lake Beach:     (847) 546-2351.

Round Lake Heights:  (847) 546-1206.

Round Lake Park:        (847) 270-3090.

Hainesville:                  (847) 223-2032.


After hours, call Cencom E911 Dispatch at (847)270-9111.

Will the Fire Department bring out a fire engine to our block party or other community event.

Yes, if we are available on that date and time.  Fill out a Block Party / Event Request Form to make a request.  Please understand that our ability to be at your event is dependent upon how busy our crews are answering emergency calls, and that it may be necessary for the crew at your event to leave in a moment's notice for an emergency response.

Will the Fire District provide fire and/or medical coverage for my upcoming public event?

If your event is being held within the area served by the Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District, please contact the District's Administrative office at (847) 546-6001 x103. 

Will you bring a fire truck to my house for a birthday party?

Unfortunately, we receive so many requests for birthday parties, etc. that we are not able to meet the demand and still meet our core mission of providing exceptional Fire, Rescue and EMS services.