Battalion Chief Tony Carraro

Gold Shift

Lieutenant J. Devito

Lieutenant Biddenstadt

Lieutenant Zeimet

Firefighter Willen

Firefighter Bloom

Firefighter Langel

Firefighter Armstrong

Firefighter TJ Lucassen

Firefighter Alfaro

Firefighter A. Formica

Firefighter Fernandez

Firefighter T Lucassen

Firefighter Keaskowski

Firefighter Christian

Battalion Chief Jay Vande Berg

Black Shift

Lieutenant D. Ostrander

Lieutenant S. Page

Lieutenant  Crivello

Chief Engineer B. Hill

Firefighter Mancini

Firefighter Kuebker

Firefighter Fischer

Firefighter Verenski

Firefighter Maplethorpe

Firefighter Dietz

Firefighter Turf 

Firefighter Harris

Firefighter C. Page

Firefighter A Miller

Battalion Chief Eric Hair

Red Shift

Lieutenant C. Mitchell

Lieutenant E. Beck

Lieutenant J. Mumford

Firefighter Wells

Firefighter Fanning

Firefighter Nelson

Firefighter J Miller

Firefighter Norlin

Firefighter Buenrostro

Firefighter Madsen

Firefighter Rutkowski

Firefighter Danesi

Firefighter Becker

Firefighter Ransom

Administration and Fire Prevention

Chief Greg Formica

Deputy Chief Joe Krueger

Office Manager Marilee Lucassen

Fire Marshall Tony Breuscher

Fire Prevention Spec. Bruce M. Hill

Board of Trustees

President Mike Kohlmeyer

Secretary Tom Buehler


Treasurer Marva Meeks


Trustee George Steinberg 

Trustee Rob Meister

Board of Commissioners

Commissioner Murrie Foy


Commissioner Robert Magna


Paid on Call Roster

Firefighter Galati

Firefighter Valadez


Recruit Christian

Recruit Hair

Recruit Molidor

Recruit Theel

Recruit Wells